Thank you so much for stopping by, and taking a look at my blog!

Photo Credit: Hope Taylor Photography

I am Samantha, and that handsome fella to the right of me is my scuba diving and adventure partner fo’ life – aka my husband, Patrick.  As of July 8th, 2017, all the knots have been tied, the papers have been signed, and we are officially brand spankin’ new newlyweds!

Following our wedding, we set off on a nine month trip to discover the world both above and underwater.  We love to scuba dive and travel, so it only seemed fitting to quit our jobs and leave our ridiculously comfortable and amazing lives in Virginia to set off on an adventure around the globe!

As of right now our itinerary is as follows: US -> French Polynesia (island hopping five of the islands) -> Cook Islands -> East Coast of Australia (campervanning down the coast)-> Bali, Indonesia -> Nepal -> Vietnam -> Thailand -> Cambodia -> Tanzania -> South America (countriesTBD) -> US State Parks.  We plan to immerse ourselves into each of the destinations, while still maintaining a thirst to keep exploring and moving onward.


So for a little background knowledge on Babe and Mr. Arthur Hoggett to the left here: the two of us met on Tinder (yeah I know what you’re thinking) back in December of 2013. After passing Patrick’s deal-breaking question of whether I prefer African or Asian elephants, and him passing my much more accepted and normal deal-breaking question: dogs or cats?, we decided to meet for our very first date.

With it being Christmas time, holiday parties were running rampant through Richmond, so Patrick made sure to make a reservation for our date, although it was just to meet up for a couple brewskies. Little did Patrick know, though, that there had been a glitch in the system, and the restaurant he had made a reservation for was booked out that night for, you guessed it… a holiday party!

When I arrived to the restaurant, a party was running full swing taking over the entire bar area as well as flooding into the dining area, but there was Patrick, sitting all by his lonesies in a sea of open tables.  We talked about all the typical first date things, like how when he was younger, he thought his cat had been hit by a car, so he held a funeral for him, and put him to rest…. except after he had buried a now mysterious flattened cat cadaver, his sweet little Sushi showed up alive and well a few days later.  And well, from there, the rest was history!

Some of our hobbies we both share include traveling, scuba diving, attending weddings (for the cake and dancing of course), and eating – we really REALLY love eating.  But as much as we love being attached by the hip, we also love our independence.


Patrick loves photography – the majority of the photos on the blog are taken by him, as I am more of a ‘phone photographer’, and really have no skill in the field,

I love yoga and animals – if there were some way to incorporate vinyasas and pigs in the same activity, you better believe I would be doing that activity all day erry day.

Well anyway, enough about us! Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to shoot us over an email – we love to talk to people interested in doing what we’re doing!

p.s. I’m sure you’re dying to know the answers to our first date deal breaking questions. For Patrick’s about which elephant I prefer, the correct answer was African elephants; however the animal obsessor (lover isn’t quite strong enough) I am, I said that I love ALL elephants!

For mine about cats or dogs, to answer it nicely, I don’t trust people that choose cats over dogs. Dogs are obviously the superior animal – no one loves you as much as your dog does.